Planning a Private Party at the Pool?

Here are the procedures you need to follow:

  • You must agree to the party guidelines and complete the reservation request form below.
  • If the pool is open for the season, submit the form (and check(s), if any) to the pool manager, at the pool. If the pool is not open for the season, send the form to the pool secretary at If you send email, you must include the words “Pool Party” in the subject.
  • You must provide a guest list and pay any guest fees and other party fees before your party begins.

Party Reservation Form

  • :
  • :
    (3 hour limit, ending at least 30 min. before pool closes)
  • (max 1 table per 8 people)
  • (max 1 reserved per 25 people)
    • I have read the NCCSPA bylaws and agree to the party guidelines and rules.

Existing Reservations

Member nameDateStartEnd
May Breslow 2017-05-3005:00 pm08:00 pm
Carrie Witkop 2017-05-3006:00 pm09:00 pm
Therese Brooks 2017-05-3106:00 pm09:00 pm
Chris Kevorkian 2017-06-0211:00 am02:00 pm
Jaime DeLuca 2017-06-0311:00 am01:00 pm
Susan Hage 2017-06-0301:00 pm03:00 pm
Margaret Bell 2017-06-0712:30 pm03:30 pm
Christie Leu - Weng 2017-06-1104:00 pm07:00 pm
Wendy Hoffner 2017-06-1111:00 am02:00 pm
Megan Kessler 2017-06-1102:30 pm04:30 pm
Diana Borlase 2017-06-1304:00 pm06:00 pm
Lisa Jacobson Jones 2017-06-1505:30 pm07:30 pm
Christina Kingsberry 2017-06-1604:30 pm07:00 pm
Aviva Goldfarb 2017-06-1606:30 pm08:30 pm
Jenna Ben-Yehuda 2017-06-1707:00 pm08:30 pm
stacy berman 2017-06-1702:00 pm05:00 pm
Amy York 2017-06-1807:00 pm09:00 pm
Mary Sahdev 2017-06-2511:00 am02:00 pm
Julie Fox 2017-06-2511:30 am02:30 am
NCCSPA 4th of July Party 2017-07-0410:00 am04:00 pm
Jacylyn McKelvey 2017-07-0905:30 pm08:30 pm
Nathan Casaday 2017-07-1501:00 pm04:00 am
NCCSPA New Member Welcome Sundae Party 2017-07-1606:30 pm08:00 pm
NCCSPA Swim/Dive Team Banquet 2017-07-2212:00 pm09:00 pm
Joe and Gretchen Stanton 2017-07-2303:30 pm06:30 pm
Eduardo Mattei 2017-07-2910:30 am01:30 pm
NCCSPA Adult Art Night 2017-07-2907:00 pm09:00 pm
judy tremmel 2017-07-2903:00 pm06:00 am
Heller An Shapiro 2017-07-3012:00 pm03:00 pm
judy tremmel 2017-07-3002:00 pm05:00 pm
Hannah Breshin 2017-07-3010:30 am01:30 pm
Hisham Khalid 2017-08-0503:00 pm08:00 pm
Jessica Palladino 2017-08-0611:00 am02:00 pm
Adrienne Smith 2017-08-1210:00 am01:00 pm
Mary Jacobik 2017-08-1211:00 am01:00 pm
Mary Jacobik 2017-08-1202:00 pm05:00 pm
Alicia Nasser 2017-08-1310:30 am01:30 pm
Phil MacWilliams 2017-08-1311:00 am02:00 pm
Phil MacWilliams 2017-08-1311:00 am02:00 pm
Kathleen Stephens 2017-08-1303:45 pm06:45 pm
Lambros Stamatakis 2017-08-1910:30 am01:30 pm
Erin Gilfenbaum 2017-08-2010:30 am01:00 pm
Emily Kimberly 2017-08-2405:30 pm07:45 pm
Lee Walsh 2017-08-2506:00 pm09:00 am
NCCSPA Crab Feast 2017-08-2606:00 pm10:00 pm
Ann Batlle 2017-08-2611:00 am02:00 pm
Ann Batlle 2017-08-2705:00 pm08:00 pm
Natasha Leskovsek 2017-08-2707:00 pm08:30 pm
stacy berman 2017-09-0204:30 pm07:30 pm
Christina Lohs 2017-09-0311:00 am02:00 pm
Holly Ludwig 2017-09-0411:00 pm02:00 pm